How to fix caravan lights

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How to fix caravan lights

If you have a situation with No reverse lights dodge caravan, read this post. The BCM also controls the power door locks, automatic door locks, door lock inhibit child lockschime driver, compass, trip computer, interior lighting, power liftgate, exterior lighting headlight time delay, automatic headlights, illuminated entry, interior light fade to off feature, and instrument panel lighting.

Caravan Road Lights – Basic Fault Finding

The BCM looks for signal from the gear shift. If you move the shifter through all the positions and the correct gear position lights up on the instrument cluster, move on to the next step. Disconnect the BCM C2 connector.

If the backup lights work, the BCM is faulty and must be replaced with a new and dealer-programmed unit.

Unlike the cheaper Haynes and Chilton manuals that cover multiple year models, leaving the exact information you need to fix your car, these professional manuals cover your exact year, make, model. Plus, they contain full trouble code descriptions and troubleshooting instructions. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Find this article useful? Share it! Tags backup lights backup lights don't work BCM body control module Dodge Grand Caravan no reverse lights dodge caravan.GuruWLRL1 answered about a year ago.

GuruYL9LZ answered about a year ago. With ignition on to "Run Position" but engine not running, press accelerator to floor 3 times within 10 second interval total. GuruV5MR5 answered about a year ago. GuruPH9VF answered 2 months ago. Hi, I am trying to get my Dodge Grand Caravan inspected and was told that the "Check Engine" light does not come on when the car first starts, so it will not pass NY state inspection. I hope While driving my Dodge Grand Caravan the engine temperature gauge went up to high, warning light came on, and the AC switched itself to recirculate.

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how to fix caravan lights

Related Questions. Start a new Dodge Grand Caravan question. Search Dodge Grand Caravan Questions. Dodge Grand Caravan Experts. Find great deals from top-rated dealers TM Search. Related Models For Sale. Used Cars For Sale.Replacing lights is quite a simple job; the most difficult part is to ensure that the wiring is correctly refitted so the lights work properly, and that the connections are all sealed properly.

As this job was done in conjunction with the rear of the caravan being re-sheeted, the lights had to be measured up to make sure they were fitted straight. The first thing you need to do is to remove the lenses of the old tail lights. In this case, there were three individual lenses attached by four screws each.

Once the lenses have been removed, the wires can be cut. The wires are cut instead of removed from the connection point by loosening the securing screw because of the amount of corrosion on the connections. The idea is to get a sharp knife or side-cutters and snip the wire close to the connection point.

This way you can see the colour of the wire connections as a reference point for when the new tail lights are wired up later.

how to fix caravan lights

Now that the wires are free, the body of the tail light can be removed from the back of the caravan. You might need to use a plastic scraper to prise the tail light away from the rear sheeting if it was originally sealed with silastic. With the tail light removed, make sure that the wires protruding from the rear sheeting do not fall back in behind the sheeting — it will be a big job fishing out those wires with a piece of wire or, worst case, removing part of the sheeting to retrieve them.

Clean any evidence of old silastic or dirt from the aluminium sheeting with wax and grease remover and a plastic or Perspex scraper, if necessary. Do not use a metal scraper to remove any remaining silastic as it will quickly damage the paint and the soft aluminium underneath. Get out a steel square and set it up on the side of the van and mark with a pencil or whiteboard marker the horizontal points to guide you in fitting the tail light.

Now the wires can be fed through the back of the tail light body according to the point closest to where they will be connected. Now is the time to check the cut wires on the old tail light as a reference for wiring the new tail light. With the insulation stripped back to expose a clean copper core, screw down the wires to the appropriate poles.

Now you can tuck any excess wire back into the body of the caravan and seal the holes where the wires have come through with silastic. Now the tail light body can be screwed into place with screws. Then the periphery of the tail light body can be sealed with silastic.Here is a quick guide to basic fault finding on your caravan or trailer road lights.

If you are unsure how to use your multimeter, have a quick read through the instructions supplied with your multimeter. How do we start? In many caravans, there is a fuse box located inside the caravan where the cable comes from the 13 Pin plug. By following this guide, it will take you through all the steps required to undertake a basic fault-finding process. Before we start, take a look at the drawing below of one of the indicator circuits…….

Before we jump in, there might be something we can work out to help us. The settings might be 20, 2K, 20K, K, 2M.

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You want to use the lowest, in this case It would be helpful if we had an idea of what resistance reading we should expect for each circuit. Well with some simple maths we might be able to get a good indication.

Each bulb has a rating, given in Watts the unit of electrical power For any bulb, we can calculate the resistance if we know two other things — Voltage V and the Power W.

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If you measure the resistance of your 21 Watt lightbulb using your multimeter, it will probably read 0. That simply means when its cold, the resistance is lower and as filament of the bulb warms up and starts to glow. If we have a reading below 0. The first step is an easy one. Test the bulb! For guidance on removing any of the bulbs on your caravan, have a look through the owners handbook as there is usually a section on changing bulbs.

Most handbooks also have a chart of what the correct wattage each bulb should be as well. The easiest way to do the following tests is on the 13 pin plug itself. The first trick is to secure the plug in a location that reduces the requirement to have three hands!

I like to use a large spring clamp…. In this instance, it was easier to place it on the ground…. The second trick overcomes the need to be able to hold the points of the multimeter test leads on the end of the pins with the skill of a surgeon.

I use a couple of the straight through crimp connectors…… I find the blue size the best. We are now ready to start testing, lets look at the pin connections seen from the face of the plug. Please remember, they are for personal use only.Lake Ford helped make these videos. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. This video demonstrates how to change a burnt out taillight bulb on your Dodge Grand Caravan.

Some of the other bulbs in the tail light cluster such as the brake light or turn signal may also function as the tail light in your Grand Caravan. It is possible for the turn signal or brake light to work but the tailight part to be burnt out - replacing the bulb on your Grand Caravan will restore functionality to both.

Since the tailights are on whenever your parking lights or headlights are on, they will burn out eventually. Burn out tail lights are a common reason for a police officer to pull you over, so we recommend changing all of the tail lights on your Grand Caravan whenever one is burnt out.

When changing the tailight bulb on your Grand Caravan, be careful not to touch the glass part of the new bulb as this will cause the tailight bulb to burn out quicker. Carmakers are hiding interior fuse boxes all over the place these days - see how to check your interior fuses here!

The rear wiper that you forgot you had until it streaks horrifically on a rainy day? Change it now! Have you purchased the bulbs you plan to install? Getting Started Prepare for the repair. Remove Bulb Steps to remove a burnt out bulb.

Helpful Hints How to find replacement bulb type and other hints. Replace Bulb Procedures to replace the new bulb. More Info. Additional information on changing tail lights. Video Description. Other videos you might find helpful. Check for a blown interior fuse Carmakers are hiding interior fuse boxes all over the place these days - see how to check your interior fuses here!

Change a rear wiper blade The rear wiper that you forgot you had until it streaks horrifically on a rainy day? The Right Parts. Full list of part and tools. Download Dodge owners manuals.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: February 12, References. When the dashboard lights in your vehicle malfunction or cease to operate, the resulting effects can range from being a mere annoyance to posing a safety hazard.

Locating the problem and finding a remedy is essential. Start by inspecting the dashboard dimmer switch to see if it was turned down or off. Then, check for a blown fuse or bad lightbulb. Fortunately, all 3 problems are relatively easy to fix. If the switch, fuses, and bulbs are not to blame, you likely have a wiring or electrical issue and will need to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

How to replace a pop-up rooflight

Warning: Make sure your vehicle is off and the key is out of the ignition before pulling any fuses! This can prevent you from having to tear apart the dash again in the future if another bulb goes out.

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Tech Tip - Wiring Camper Trailer Plugs

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This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 12 references. Learn more Explore this Article Checking the Dimmer Switch.When working on the electrical components in your dash, you may find you will also need to reset the airbag light once it is all put back together.

how to fix caravan lights

Many people who try to do their own work, like putting in a car radio, will sometimes neglect to plug in all of the airbag components. This will cause the airbag light to blink. Resetting the light is an easy car repair you can DIY.

Here are some easy steps to reset the airbag light. These are generic instructions and may not apply to your particular vehicle. Consult owner's manual for instructions if provided, otherwise it will be a job for a specialist.

If there are any unplugged components within the dash you will need to plug them in before attempting to reset the airbag light.

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Once the airbag light comes on it will stay on for a total of seven seconds. Once it turns off, you will have a second to turn the ignition back to "Off. Repeat the first few steps two more times and you will see that you have reset the airbag light on the dash. You will know that it is reset once the light comes on and turns off. It will not flash. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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How to Reset an Airbag Light.


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