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Dobby meaning

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A device that produces a type of woven fabric in a floor loom and gives small patterns. This fabric has extra texture. Polo shirts are made with dobby. Word in Definition.

Wiktionary 3. Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 3. Editors Contribution 0. Dobby looms are one of the oldest looms. Submitted by anonymous on January 2, How to pronounce Dobby?

Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say Dobby in sign language? Popularity rank by frequency of use Dobby Select another language:.

Dobby weave

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Alphabetical list of first names. As Dobby, you have a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow All names are not equal.

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Dobbythe names you use create your life experiences. Find out how the meaning of Dobby and the energy of your name have shaped your life.

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Request a Free Name Report. The name of Dobby has given you a quick, clever mind, an interest in the welfare of humanity, and a desire to help those in need.

You are responsible, good natured, and generous, although somewhat disorganized and scattering in your habits. Any tasks requiring too much attention to detail, or involving monotony or drudgery, dismay you. In your work you would seek a position offering self expression through contact with people such as sales or teaching, or an outlet providing scope for your creative artistic talents.

Spontaneous and inquisitive, you enjoy meeting and mixing with people from many different backgrounds and you relish opportunities for debate. You are drawn to music and probably sing or play an instrument. Although you tend to be too serious at times, your optimism helps you bounce back quickly. You have a good sense of humour with the ability to laugh at yourself. In personal relationships you are affectionate and considerate, and love to make those around you happy.

Your natural interest in others, coupled with your sympathetic qualities, could draw you into emotional entanglements. Because of your inclination to be impulsive, at times it is the good luck that comes with this name that gets you out of a difficult situation. Liver or skin problems or an over-heated bloodstream could result from an indulgence in quick-energy foods. Although there is a tendency to worry, on the whole this is a healthy name. Health Analysis. Your date of birth determines your unique core purposethe reason for your life.

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Dobby loom

Analyze My Name. Dobbywe thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you further about the Kabalarian Philosophy after you have read your Name and Birth Date Report. If you require further assistance, please call our head office in Vancouver, Canada toll-free at or if outside of North America.

Click here to read reviews.A mechanical part in a loom that controls the harnesses so as to permit weaving of small geometric figures. A small geometric figure woven into fabric. References in periodicals archive? THE gravestone for Dobby the House Elf, which marks the final resting spot of one of the heroes of the wizarding world, has vanished.

Gravestone for Dobby the Elf vanishes from beach. Simon Dobby42, used a spade to smash his way into the home just after midday on June Remember the heartbreaking moment in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' where the house elf Dobby died? After 11 years, J. Rowling apologizes for killing Dobby in 'Harry Potter'. New dobby of 3rd generation now available for water jet applications Staubli will be presenting its most modern products for the Asian market. Cat Of The Week.

The year-old mum of four came top at the fiercely contested Hershey Expo in the US, with her precious poodle Dobby. Geisha grrrrrl. JK's elf service for staff at Scots hotel. What type of dobby the decorative woven border at the top and bottom edges do you prefer?

Prosecutor Harry Hadfield told Teesside Crown Court yesterday that police were quickly on the scene in Pacey Court, Middlesbrough, and they chased and caught third-strike burglar Simon Dobby40, who ran into a churchyard and was found hiding in a hedge. Woman woke to find burglar in her home.

These include cam motions and dobby machines, electronic Jacquard machines and harnesses, and weaving preparation systems products. Staubli exhibits a selection of the modern products for the weaving industry. Shula Wardinon Inc. Dictionary browser? Do you speak English? Do you take credit cards? Do you take debit cards? Do you take dollars?A dobby loom is a type of floor loom that controls all the warp threads using a device called a dobby.

The word dobby is a corruption of "draw boy," which refers to the weaver's helpers who used to control the warp thread by pulling on draw threads. A dobby loom is an alternative to a treadle loom. Both are floor looms in which every warp thread on the loom is attached to a single shaft using a device called a heddle.

Dobby Moves In With Mark - Peep Show

A shaft is sometimes known as a harness. Each shaft controls a set of threads. Raising or lowering several shafts at the same time gives a huge variety of possible sheds gaps through which the shuttle containing the weft thread can be thrown. Dobby looms first appeared aroundroughly 40 years after Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard device that can be mounted atop a loom to lift the individual heddles and warp threads.

A manual dobby uses a chain of bars or lags each of which has pegs inserted to select the shafts to be moved. A computer-assisted dobby loom uses a set of solenoids or other electric devices to select the shafts. Activation of these solenoids is under the control of a computer program. In either case the selected shafts are raised or lowered by either leg power on a dobby pedal or electric or other power sources. On a treadle loom, each foot-operated treadle is connected by a linkage called a tie-up to one or more shafts.

More than one treadle can operate a single shaft. The tie-up consists of cords or similar mechanical linkages tying the treadles to the lams that actually lift or lower the shaft.

dobby meaning

On treadle operated looms, the number of sheds is limited by the number of treadles available. An eight-shaft loom can create different sheds. There are actually possibilities which is 2 to the eighth power, but having all threads up or all threads down is not very useful. Most eight-shaft floor looms have only ten to twelve treadles due to space limitations. This limits the weaver to ten to twelve distinct sheds. It is possible to use both feet to get more sheds, but this is rarely done in practice.

It is even possible to change tie-ups in the middle of weaving a cloth but this is a tedious process, so this too is rarely done. With a dobby loom, all possibilities are available at any time. This vastly increases the number of cloth designs available to the weaver.If you have information about this nameshare it in the comments area below! The sock-loving house elf with insanely big ears and a Pinocchio-like nose.

The most adorable house elf ever in harry potter! Dobby was a house-elf who served the Malfoy family.

What Is Dobby Fabric?

During Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts, he tried to warn harry of the plot to have the Chamber of Secrets reopened. A small rather ugly looking house elf that looks like a ragdoll. He disobeyed their commands in harry potter and the chamber of secrets in order to warn harry about the evil in the school. In the end, dobby is thrown a sock by lucius malfoy thanks to harry potter and dobby was set free.

Harry: who are you? Dobby: "dobby sir, dobby the house elf" Harry: "not to be rude or anything, but this isnt a great time for me to have a house elf in my bedroom" Dobby: "oh dobby understands sir, its just that dobby, has something you must know. Dobby Meaning : Origin : EnglishIf you have information about this nameshare it in the comments area below! Additional information Dobby: The heroic house elf from the series.

Definition funny of Dobby: The sock-loving house elf with insanely big ears and a Pinocchio-like nose. Books about Dobby: Where is Dobby?Crafting and creative projects have been part of Heidi Grover's life since she was old enough to reach the glue and glitter. Grover received a degree in creative writing from Utah Valley University and combines her love of crafting with her love of words. Dobby fabric is created on a special loom that draws up certain warp threads -- which are the lengthwise threads in a woven design.

The raised threads produce small geometric patterns that repeat throughout the fabric. Preindustrial hand looms once needed a "dobby boy" to sit on top and raise the threads while the loom operated. This made dobby fabric an expensive, high-end fabric until the invention of automated looms.

While many may not have heard of dobby fabric, it is a frequently used weave. When woven with fine yarns, it produces a thin, slightly patterned cloth that is often used in dress shirts. Thick or fluffy yarns produce textured cloth used for heavier clothing or home furnishings.

Dobby fabric can be made of many fibers, including cotton, rayon or silk. What Is Dobby Fabric? Heidi Grover updated on August 30, Pin Share Tweet Share Email. Many men's dress shirts are made from dobby fabric. Fashion and Function. Show Comments.To save this word, you'll need to log in. Accessed 17 Apr.

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More from Merriam-Webster on dobby Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with dobby Comments on dobby What made you want to look up dobby? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. What does capricious mean? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

dobby meaning

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Definition of dobby. First Known Use of dobbyin the meaning defined at sense 1.

dobby meaning

History and Etymology for dobby perhaps from Dobbynickname for Robert. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about dobby. Time Traveler for dobby The first known use of dobby was in See more words from the same year. Statistics for dobby Look-up Popularity. Comments on dobby What made you want to look up dobby?

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